Exhibition at the Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of contemporary Art, at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Report on Gundremmingen with 14 watercolors and 17 maps and all the pictures for the report on the true bugs from the Agent Orange spray areas in South Vietnam are completed. Exhibition in the library in Carlow, Ireland with the Title: ‚Heteroptera, Images of a mutating world’. A watercolor teaching course e was added for interested people. Collection of true bugs in Carlow and Dundalk, Dundalk being nearly on the opposite side of Sellafield across the Irish Sea. Visiting the impressive Stone of Cashel and Newgrange. learning how to be a coach of 'non violent communication' (Marshall Rosenberg) at metapuls Zürich, which still is not easy to live from day to day.


Tree bug from Dundlak, Ireland across Sellafield UK
Color sketch, Zürich 2005
ventral: left side abdomen is deformed


Pentatomidae, Tree bug from Dundlak, Ireland