Interview in German at Picture in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships,’ Greenwood Press, USA. First publication in a scientific magazine: ‘Chemistry & Biodiversity,’ Verlag Helvetica Chimica ACTA, in English and German (499 – 539) Title ‘Malformation of True Bug (Heteroptera): a Phenotype Field Study on the Possible Influence of Artificial Low-Level Radioactivity’. Talk on ‚Art and Science’ at the Lindisfarne Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, USA. Participation on Swiss television in ‘Sternstunde’ in SF 1. Books: ‘Updating Germany’ by Friederich von Borries and publishing my book ‘Art on Silk’, by Scheidegger und Spiess, Zürich on my silk designs for fabric Frontline Zürich.


leaf of a Tilia cordata from Gartow near Gorleben
Tempera on paper, Flühli 2008
disturbed leaf


leaf of a Tilia cordata from Gartow, Near Gorleben, Germany