Radiation-contaminated areas in the United States

Field studies in radiation-contaminated areas in the U.S.


After having found deformed insects in the fallout areas of Chernobyl and nuclear facilities in Switzerland and other parts of Europe, I grew interested in the question, Are there long-lasting consequences for the morphological health of Heteroptera leaf bugs after a nuclear accident?

It was once thought that the nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe were not as safe as in the West. Therefore, I wanted to concentrate my efforts on Western nuclear power plants. The first plant that came into consideration: Three Mile Island, in Pennsylvania, where in 1979 a nuclear accident took place.


Harlequin bug near Three Mile Island, USA
Watercolor, New Cumberland 1991
The Scutellum is curved and its yellow ornament is asymmetrical.


Harlequin Bug from Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania