Group exhibition ‘This Will Not Happen Without You’ with Locus+ in Newcastle, England.
Death of my mother Warja Honegger-Lavater 1913 – 2007 a wonderful artist and form explorer.
Invitation to Sarah Lawrence College, USA and Yale University, USA for lectures and teaching. Pictures published in ‘cabinet’ magazine. Biography in a book about Swiss women ‘schön schräg’ by Franziska Schläpfer, Diedrichs Verlag.
Begin of my field study in the Entlebuch, canton Lucerne in relation to the Swiss nuclear power plants Gösgen, Leibstadt, Beznau and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI. Participation on the internet site:


Soft bug from Flühli, Entlebuch, Canton Lucerne
Color Sketch, Flühli 2007
Ventral: two parts of leg growing out of abdomen


Soft Bug from Flühli, Entlebuch, Switzerland