Nuclear power plants in Switzerland

Field study in the environs of Swiss nuclear power plants

The Swiss “Commission for the Protection from Radioactivity” estimated in 1988 that as a result of the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl, the Swiss population would have 2 to 22 additional genetical anomalies for the next 100 years, and an additional 300 cases of cancer for the next 70 years.
[ 1 ] In other words, the threat from the Chernobyl radioactive cloud was negligible.

My first collecting tour around the nuclear power plant Gösgen, in the canton of Aargau, alerted me to the possibility that terrible findings awaited me, as the deformities I detected with my binocular microscope were comparable to, and even worse than the ones I had found in Sweden and in the Ticino, fallout areas of the Chernobyl radioactive cloud. [ 2 ]


Scentless plant bug environs Paul Scherrer Institute
Watercolor, Zürich 1988 – 1989
Left cover wing is blown up like a balloon


Scentless Plant Bug Environs Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland