Publications: US magazine Grand Street (N.Y.); Against Nature (Nr. 70); in  m.paradoxa, international; feminist art journal (Vol. 9). Pictures in the exhibition Genius of Genetics in the St. Thomas Abbey in Brno, Czech Republic, and in the catalogue of the exhibition on the work of Gregor Mendel. Participation in exhibitions: ‘consequences’, the Oldham Art Gallery, UK, ‘Life is Beautiful’ in the Tyne and Wear Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne and ‘metamorphing’ in the Science Museum in London, UK. ‘ Heteroptera The Beautiful and the Other’ published in English at Scalo Zürich and second edition of 'Heteroptera' in German at Steidl, Germany. Travel to Dillinger in Bavaria to study the health of true bugs around the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen.



True bugs near Paul Scherrer Institute, Canton Aargau
Watercolor, Zürich 2002
Disturbed abdomen, leg and thorax


True Bugs from Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland