Pictures in ‘Visualizations, the Nature Book of Art and Science’ by Martin Kemp published by Oxford University Press. Teaching positions at the University of Bern and School F+F for Art and Media Design in Zurich. Illustrations for the title page of the Greenpeace annual report. A preliminary project with the Federal Office for the Environment on deformed insects (which never came to action). Study of deformed true bugs in the area surrounding the Paul Scherrer Institute in Canton Aargau, Switzerland up to 2003. Design for the official scarves and ties for the Expo 02 (Switzerland) with fabric Frontline. After completing 76 silk designs, the collaboration with fabric frontline in Zurich ends.


Tree bug near reprocessing plant La Hague, Normandy
Watercolor, Zürich 2000
Uneven length of wings, abdomen deformed


Tree Bug near Reprocessing Plant La Hague, France