Radiation-contaminated areas in Europe

Field Studies in Environs of Nuclear Installations in Europe


Because of my publications — in which I suggested that the nuclear fallout from Chernobyl, as well as from normally functioning Swiss nuclear power plants, is responsible for deformed insects — I was strongly criticized by several Swiss scientists. [ 1 ] I felt uncertain about this aggressive and, at the same time, passive behavior among my critics. Therefore, I decided to continue with my studies in areas where nuclear facilities with a well-known bad reputation are located: the nuclear-reprocessing plants Sellafield BNFL in Cumbria, England (1989) [ 1 ] and COGEMA La Hague in Normandy, France (1999) [ 2 ]. Swiss and German nuclear power plants send their nuclear waste to these plants for reprocessing.


Soft Bug larva from Posonby near Sellafield, Cumbria
Watercolor, Holmrook 1998
Both left wing tips are damaged


Soft Bug Larva from Posonby, near Sellafield, UK