Radiation-contaminated areas in Europe

No marine biological study has ever been made but a high rate of contaminated fish is estimated. [ 6 ]


In 1999 I collected and studied true bugs from 13 different research points around the peninsula. I found the worst deformities (affecting 23 percent of the bugs collected) on the idyllic beach of Anse St. Martin. Twenty percent of the bugs at Omonville la Rogue were affected, 12 percent at Goury, and 16 percent in Cap Lévi, which is about 24 kilometers east of the plant. The true bugs I studied were profoundly deformed. [ 2 ] [ 6 ]

Between 2002 and 2004 I studied true bugs in the environs of the German nuclear power plant Gundremmingen.


Wings of tree bugs from Anse St. Martin near La Hague, Normandy
Watercolor, Zürich 1999
Disturbed wings


Tree Bugs from near La Hague, France