Radiation-contaminated areas in Europe

Reprocessing Plant Sellafield UK

The nuclear reprocessing plant Sellafield, in England, formerly called Windscale, was built in 1946 as a factory for plutonium; after World War II the US Americans did not want to deliver any more plutonium to the British Government for nuclear weapons. In 1957 a terrible accident occurred which contaminated the Cumbria region. A thick book could be filled with all the incidents that have taken place at Sellafield since.
In 1989 I started my first study of true bugs at a nuclear facility not on Swiss territory. At Sellafield I collected Heteroptera and Cicada Homoptera as well as ladybird beetles. I found morphological disturbances, growths and deformities of the chitin, the material that makes up the exoskeleton. The most deformities I found in Ponsonby, Drigg, and Seascale, as well as very close to the plant. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


Two soft bugs from Seascale and Drigg near Sellafield, Cumbria
Watercolor, Holmrook 1989
Neck plate deformation and ulcer at base of feeler


Soft Bugs from Seascale and Drigg near Sellafield, UK