Current projects

Field study in the environs of the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen in Germany


In 2001 a group of German anti-nuclear activists, Forum e.V. gemeinsam gegen das Zwischenlager und für eine verantwortbare Energiepolitik (United against intermediate-range nuclear storage and for a responsible energy policy), asked me to join their forces to fight a planned intermediate-range storage facility for nuclear waste near the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen, which is northeast of the medieval town of Ulm. Together with a biologist, I would collect and study Heteroptera true bugs from the area and establish field study protocols and maps — pro bono, of course.


Squash Bug from Limbach Near Nuclear Power Plant Gundremmingen, Bavaria
Watercolor, Zürich 2003
Left part of the head and left feeler are deformed


Squash bug from Limbach, Germany