Radiation-contaminated areas in Europe

Reproceesing Lant La Hague, France

The reprocessing plant La Hague, in Normandy France was built in 1966. It is an ideal environment in which to conduct research on true bugs. The plant is built on top of a flat hill in the center of a peninsula, and there is no industry to pollute the air, only farming. The plant is enormous — three kilometers long. It emits radioactive particles out of several chimneys, and a five-kilometer-long tube reaching from the plant into the sea releases according to Greenpeace 1.4 million liters of radioactive wastewater per year into the sea. Many people in the area, mostly children, are ill because their mothers went swimming at local beaches while they were pregnant.


Tree bug larva from Anse St. Martin near La Hague, Normandy
Watercolor, St. Martin 1999
Right pair of wings and thorax are disturbed


Tree Bug Larva from La Hague, France