Radiation-contaminated areas in Europe

Nuclear Power Plant Krümmel Germany

The nuclear power plant Krümmel, on the Elb River in Germany, was completed in 1972 and within the first three years suffered 33 incidents and six quick disconnections. When I started my field study I already knew about the study on seven children living there and who were ill with leukemia. In spite of this knowledge, I collected bugs there in as unprejudiced a way as possible. I was very surprised when the worst deformities I found were near the villages where the sick children lived, in Obermarschacht and Niedermarschacht. New scientific and historical findings show that the nuclear research plant in nearby Geesthacht must share part of the responsibility, as it suffered an incident in 1986 that was covered up. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]


Seed bug near Krümmel, Germany
Watercolor, Cuxhaven 1995
Ventral: blister on the left side metathorax


Seed Bug from Niedermarschacht, Germany