Radiation-contaminated areas in the United States

Atom bomb testing grounds, Nevada, U.S.


By coincidence, on the very day — September 17, 1997 — I arrived in Indian Springs, Nevada, near the door to the atom bomb testing area, an underground bomb test was conducted. I wanted to collect Heteroptera true bugs there. This study was interesting because most of the surrounding land is desert, and there is no heavy industry except for the military airplaines. The biotopes were beautiful and the variety of insects rich. The most morphologically disturbed true bugs — and also the greatest number of them — I found about 300 miles to the northeast, in the mountains near the test site at Cedar Breaks, Parowan. Some deformed true bugs were also found near Zion National Park in Utah.
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Seed bug from Springdale, Utah, near the atom bomb testing grounds
Watercolor, Zürich 1998
Dark spots and a hole on the wings


Seed bug from Springdale, USA