Radiation-contaminated areas in the United States

Peach Bottom plant, also in Pennsylvania and close by, was second on the list. In 1997 I conducted field studies in the environs of the Nevada atom bomb testing ground, and followed that in 1998 with one around the Hanford plutonium factories in Washington State. The accounts that the local people I met gave me about their health shocked me deeply [ 1 ]

Die Art, wie die Behörden mit der verstrahlten Bevölkerung umging war brutal. Es wurde nicht geholfen, ja man experimentierte mit radioaktiven Substanzen an Menschen, zwischen 1940 bis 1970 ohne dass sie davon wussten. [ 2 ]


Tree Bug from Parvin Road near Hanford, Washington
Watercolor, Pullman/Zürich 1998
Right feeler with four sections


Tree bug from Parvin Road, USA