Nuclear power plants in Switzerland

The media was happy to report that a scientific study had shown that true bugs had not been harmed by Swiss nuclear power plants — that I was wrong.
I therefore in 1993 I started a study on my own which lasted until 1996. At each of 40 different collection points in canton Aargau, selected within a structure, I gathered 65 Heteroptera true bugs and catalogued all the deformities I found, for all the affected body parts, such as head, feeler, wings, etc. The systematik work in this study allowed an overview on the deformites on the 40 research points. On geographical maps I showed the percentage of deformities correlated with windfrequencies. With the watercolors I could show the quality of the deformations. In 2011 A. P. MøLLER and T. A. Mousseau collected true bugs in the Chernobly area and acheived the same results as my study. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 5 ][ 7 ]


Striped bug from Rohr, Canton Aargau
Watercolor, Zürich 1988
Left side neck plate is flattened


Striped Bug from Rohr, Switzerland