Nuclear power plants in Switzerland

First field study in the environs of the nuclear power plants Gösgen and Leibstadt
The scientists who first responded to my work on true bugs from the fallout areas of the Chernobyl radioactive cloud [ 1 ] asserted that the licensed, admitted radioactivity leaving the chimneys of the Swiss nuclear power plants was less than the Chernobyl fallout and therefore even not harmful. They claimed that the morphological disturbances I had found in Heteroptera could not possibly be a result of the radioactivity emitted by nuclear power plants.

My logical conclusion was: All the true bugs around the Swiss nuclear power plants should be in good health. In the summer of 1988 I started collecting Heteroptera true bugs and other insects around the Swiss nuclear power plants Gösgen and Leibstadt, in the canton of Aargau.


Squash bug from Rohr
Watercolor, Zürich 1995
Left cover wing is a short stump


Squash Bug near Nuclear Power Plant Gösgen, Switzerland