Agent Orange Spray-Area Vietnam

February 3rd, 55 true bugs and 2 cicada in Rung Sat District, Can Gio, near the Mui Nai Rive were collected.Two had deformations

February 6, at Cù Chi Tunnels 82 true bugs and 1 beetle were collected of which 3 true bugs were disturbed

February 12th at Headquarters of the Liberal Front, near the Cambodian border, 66 true bugs were collectedof which all looked healthy

February 16th Trang Bom district, township of Ward Au Niên, with the help of many joyful children 103 true bugswere collected , of which two had deformations on the feeler


True bug from Cù Chi, battleground and Agent Orange spray area
Watercolor, Zürich 2005
Left feeler is disturbed


True Bug from Cù Chi, South Vietnam