Agent Orange Spray-Area Vietnam

In 2004 I decided finally to investigate on my expenses true bugs in Agent Orange spray areas in South Vietnam. Since independent travel and collection of insects is not permitted, I was very happy that the biologist Dr. Bui Thi Lang took time to accompany me and help me in many aspects of my research. During the long hours we traveled she told my about the war, and the suffering of the Vietnamese people.
We collected at:

Long Phu’ò’c Tunnels, January 24 and 27, 53 true bugs and two ladybird beetles — of which six were disturbed

Minh Dam battle ground, January 26 where I found not one single true bug


Child born in Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City
Color Sketch, Ho Chi Minh City 2004
Spray victim of Agent Orange, Vietnam War


Newborn Child War Museum Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam