Shinobu Spa
The research point Ochiai Katsurao and Kawauchi were also at the border of the exclusion zone. It Katsurao it was difficult to find any insects, in Kawauchi were 2 true bugs and 60 leafhoppers found of which 2 true bugs and 34 leafhoppers were damaged. Shinobu Spa lies south of Fukushima City and was exposed during the accidents. Even though the variety of true bugs was a little richer, only 18 true bugs and 52 leafhoppers were found. 5 true bugs and 37 leafhoppers abnormal. The extinction of true bugs is alarming and the amount of damages is gruesome.


Cicadella viridis from Shinobu Spa. Left leafhopper with two antennae on the left side and right side a leafhopper too small with dark indentation on thorax
Watercolor, Zürich 2017


Cicadella viridis from Shinobu Spa, near Fukushima City, Japan.